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Cooper's Double Standard

What happens if 5,000 people show up and overwhelm the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department.

Cooper loves to live the double standard that I have witnessed by democrat party elected leaders and their party over my lifetime. There is one set of rules for them and an entirely different set of rules for everyone else - a gross double standard. We cannot go to an outdoor raceway or a convention, but he can march down a crowded street in a protest without “Implementing Social Distancing measures or wearing a mask”

I wrote early on in the COVID crisis that if we are not very careful, the Democrats will use the pandemic to force sweeping changes into our daily lives. Specifically on the relationship between the government and the governed. Government has a restricted role that we the people give it. We have witnessed the government take on more and more “rights” without the consent of the governed.

Yesterday during Ed Driggs' virtual coffee, I was provided an opportunity to discuss the RNC Convention. Not as one in the room participating in the negotiation between the RNC and the City, but as a partisan and participant. My comments could have been made ten years ago on a different subject. It is not the government's right or privilege to set mandates on how individuals may choose to live our lives. We are an educated society that has the wherewithal to make the best possible decision for me and my family. If I have a health issue or afraid of a crowd, I can choose to stay home.

I am not one to suggest the COVID is some hoax. It is real. People have lost their lives as a result. However, I also believe that extraordinary measures have been implemented by the Governor which are beyond the scope of his authority. It is past time to open up.

If what Tariq Scott Bokhari stated online is accurate and true ( I have every reason to believe that is the case), that the Host Committee and RNC offered to reduce the size/attendance of the RNC Convention by 50% and the Governor rejected that offer out of hand, then the Governor’s position is entirely political and has no footing in protecting community health. He is operating not in the best interest of the citizens of this state, but merely as a stooge of the DNC and their Puppeteers. He has given up the high ground and is playing cards with a losing hand.

The courts have recently started to push back on the government with rulings protecting Church Assembly. The 1st Amendment preserves that right to the citizens - not granting that right to the government. Congress shall make no law... Religion, abridging the freedom of speech, or press, or right of people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

And as we were reminded on the McCory show a few months ago, the 2nd Amendment exists to protect the First.

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