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Thank you Gov. Pat and the NCGA for the Carolina Comeback

We are fortunate that the GOP controlled legislature in NC began setting aside money and paying down debt. Their leadership left NC with a surplus in savings, “rainy day fund”. As a result of the Governor’s refusal to approve a budget the NCGA has more money left from this budget cycle that is available to be allocated. I am told that its near $2B. Members of the NCGA would be well-advised not to spend it all. Relief is needed. Real folks are hurting. So is the state treasury. I wrote several weeks ago, we will see a transformation in our economy, our society, and the government as a result of COVID. As to Government, I hope it's back t

o the basics and what is “essential”.

“With lockdowns in place across the country, states are taking a double hit as they fork over money to prevent the virus’s spread while taking in little in state sales taxes. Income and capital gains tax revenue will also fall dramatically, and states will face months of high unemployment.

Layoffs of public employees such as teachers seem inevitable without more federal support. Add that to the slew of tribes, territories, and local governments that will need a fiscal boost, and the figure could be significantly higher.”

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